Automotive Services


At RJR Radiator, we do a whole lot more than just radiators.  We can repair, re-core, re-condition, or sell our customers a new complete radiator.  Most new radiators come with a limited lifetime warranty.  We can replace cracked tanks on plastic tank radiators.  We sell  new heaters, condensers, evaporators and an entire line of other air-conditioning parts.  We can service your entire heating, cooling, or air-conditioning system.  We carry a full line of hoses, belts, and thermostats.  We can make up our own air-conditioning hoses.  We can also service timing belts, heads, and head gaskets.

New Complete Radiators & Heaters
We offer a full line of new name-brand radiators and heaters.
Air-Conditioning Service & Parts
If your car is blowing hot air, we can cool you down.
Belts & Hoses
We stock a full line of name brand hoses and belts for many cars.
Head Service
We will pull heads for service or for a blown head gasket.

This is what our customers say about our service:

  • "After the repair we took the old van on a 2000 mile vacation and the Air-Conditioner performed quite well.  We had taken the problem to the Toyota dealer and for the past 2 or 3 years they had 'attempted' to repair the problem, without success.   Once again, thank you for the professional and expert manner in which you handled this problem."  Roger D. Stanton- Oxford, OH.
  • "It's reassuring to know that even though there are many businesses looking for 'opportunities' involving automobile repair, RJR Radiator provided me the most courteous, professional and timely service that I've experienced in a long time.  Consider me a customer that has put trust and confidence in the services and professionalism of the RJR Radiator staff!"  Gary Goolie- West Chester, OH.
  • "We were stranded in another country 500 miles from home and you were very compassionate, offered prompt service and were resourceful enough to improvise a solution to fixing our fan and starter motors.  It is reassuring to see that there are still helpful people in this world."  Mark Rogowski- Barrie, Ontario, Canada.



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